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About Us

Hereditary Cancer Testing(CGx)

Pharmacogenomics Testing(PGx)

Who We Are

Lucid Laboratory Services is genetics lab, offering both CGx, commonly known as Hereditary Cancer Testing and PGx  PGx, commonly known as Pharmacogenomics Testing.   We are offering our genetic laboratory services to physicians, medical clinics, outpatient facilities, hospitals and other treatment centers alike.  

We are very passionate about what we do here at Lucid.  More times than not, when the signs and symptoms of cancer show, its often too late.  Our goal is to help Providers and Patients be more proactive about their care through genetic testing.  Majority of the time the results come back negative for a CGx result, however in the event there's a positive, the Provider has a better chance of catching the cancer on the on-set with more frequent check ups.  Knowing a patient is predisposed to breast cancer for example, the Provider can see the patient more often checking the patient for lumps and frequenting mammograms. 


The PGx testing protects patients from harming themselves with adverse medication interactions.   We firmly attest that client-focused testing can equip providers with the tools necessary to deliver the most effective treatment, and help keep individuals thriving, not just surviving in life. That is why we treat each swab as an individual through instilled prospective.  


“The value in our existence is not solely based on the idea of being “just” a reference lab; our vision is a desirable healthy community strengthened through genetic testing, delivering patient-focused healthcare that adds long term value.”

– Our Team and Partners

Lucid Lab is dedicated to serving patients', the client and the community, treating each specimen as a person through our services with instilled perspective.

We're also dedicated to innovation and constant improvement in the experience for providers, hospitals, treatment centers, and patients.  We consistently provide accurate results and pride ourselves on our customer service to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of our clients and yours'.

Our Mission

“We help organize people’s lives through healthcare that's proactive and cutting edge; rallying for personal growth in the support of a healthier lifestyle so patients can spend more time with their family. “

The testing results enhance prescribing confidence, aid in protecting patients from adverse events and the provider from unexpected or unanticipated outcomes from the medication. The additional level of assurance helps maintain the integrity of the provider’s practice and license and in turn the longevity of their practice and service to others.

D-U-N-S number: 080588075

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